Corso Photography basics

Beginning of classes: Saturday, January 27, 2024
Hours: 20 hours – 8 two-hour lessons and 2 field trips (in the weekends)
Attendance: saturday 10am-12am

Duration: 2 months, 2 hour weekly lessons
Max enrollments: 12
Cost: 330€ (payable in installments) + 30 € for 2023 membership


Inizio lezioni: dal 27 Gennaio 2024
Ore: 20 ore – 8 lezioni in classe di due ore e 2 esercitazioni (nel weekend)
Frequenza: sabato 10-12

Durata: 2 mesi, lezioni di due ore, una volta a settimana
Numero massimo di partecipanti: 12
Costo: 330€ (rateizzabili) + 30 € costo tessera associativa

This course is an introductory course to the practice of digital photography. Yet, as the classes will take place in English, it is also a course in the vocabulary of photography in a foreign language.
The course is aimed at beginners and there is no skill required to be a part of it, except for strong interest and curiosity for photography. The will to learn is the most important tool here. Participation is key in this course where language is one of the topics, so questions, debates and propositions will be expected from all participants.
As the course is discussion based, all aspects of the photo practice can and will be discussed in class, even if not mentioned in the program below. The content will come from your needs.
Each class will be a combination theory first (technic, composition) and a bit of analysis (of student images and famous images). Two field-trips will help apply new techniques seen in class. There will be application exercises to do between each session, which will be reviewed as a group at the beginning of the following session.
Collectively we will produce a glossary of English terms related to photography, which will be shared with all participant.
Fieldtrips are announced in advance and will only be re-scheduled in case of extreme bad weather.
One reflex or mirrorless camera is required for each student, with full control over settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc), as we will gradually cover all those camera options.

Lesson 1 – Presentation (teacher and course). History of the photo camera, from the camera obscura to the iPhone. How to setup your own camera.

Lesson 2 – Exposure. Aperture and shutter speed: how to control depth of field and the representation of movement. Fully manual and semi-automatic modes

Lesson 3 – Application field trip.

Lesson 4 – Deeper into exposure: ISO and white balance. Intro to the workflow: Raw and Jpg from a picture session to a delivery

Lesson 5 – Midcourse evaluation. Collective critique of a selection of images by each student

Lesson 6 – How can composition be used to translate your intention into an interesting image?

Lesson 7 – Revisions and going further: using aperture, shutter-speed and composition to yield strong images. More about a functional workflow.

Lesson 8 – The sequence: how can a series of images tell a story?

Lesson 9 – Application field trip.

Lesson 10 – Final critique of each student’s curated work. A selection of images from the course will be presented as a part of the traditional Officine exhibition at the end of the school year.

Baptiste Lignel was born in Paris in 1974, just a little before he decided to become a photographer (when he was 13 years old). Which he did, in fact, become. He graduated with honors from Parson’s School of Design in New York in 1997, after completing an internship with Susan Meiselas (Magnum Photos). The following twenty years he developed a career as a photojournalist, either for the press or for corporate clients. He published his first book “Coney Island” in 2008, with a forward by Sophie and Bruce Gilden. Seven books later he published “Sauvage” in 2021, along with French gardener Gilles Clément. In 2014 he co-founded the book collection “Photographers’ References”, each of its titles being an in-depth interview of one single photographer. As an educator, he has taught for Parson’s School of Design, for Paris College of Art, and lately he has worked alongside photographer JR in the school “École Kourtrajmé” on the outskirts of Paris, created by Ladj Ly.


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