Corso The Photographic Eye

Beginning of classes: monday march 11, 2024
Hours: 20 hours – 10 two-hour classes
Attendance: mondays 6pm-8pm

Duration: 2 months, 2 hour weekly lessons
Max enrollments: 12
Cost: 390€ (payable in installments) + 30 € for 2024 membership

Inizio lezioni: dall’11 marzo 2024
Ore: 20 ore – 10 lezioni di due ore
Frequenza: lunedì 18-20

Numero massimo di partecipanti: 12
Costo: 390€ (rateizzabili) + 30 € costo tessera associativa

Inspired by the essentials of John Szarkowski’s “The Photographer’s Eye”, this unique course intends to bring awareness and consciousness to the elements of photographic grammar. Through weekly assignments, lectures, and critique, students will become more literate and will expand their understanding of spatial perception, timing and the possibility of reading the entirety of the frame. We will also touch on how to build a consistent practice, editing and project management. In the end you will leave with a deeper understanding about what’s at stake in your practice, and what makes photographs clear and impactful along with how to talk about what’s being visually depicted in your work, which all leads towards arriving at a visual voice.

Before the first class please purchase John Szarkowski’s, The Photographer’s Eye. Also, prepare 5-10 representative examples – things; in physical print, of your recent work to be shared during our first meeting. 


Photo by Joseph Michael Lopez


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Fascia oraria Data di inizio Disponibilita'
Sessione Primavera 2024
Lunedí 18-20 | Joseph Michael Lopez 11/03/2024 ISCRIVITI

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