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Officine Fotografiche Roma offers its facilities and its expertise in the photographic field to provide some outside services: the coordination of courses at other organizations and individual tutoring, photography services, space rental as a venue for events, film and TV commercial productions, meetings, exhibitions, courses, and conferences.

OFRoma designs and organizes courses at other locations on behalf of other associations, recreational clubs, sport and multi-purpose centers, or companies that want to offer a beginner’s level training course for its employees. Standard packages consist a basic course of 34 hours divided into theory, practice, review, and outside excursions. There is the possibility to restructure the program to 26 hours, with the removal of outside excursions. It’s absolutely necessary that the host institution has a classroom suitable to the number of members required and is equipped with a projector and screen.

Our tutoring service offers customized courses at all level: from basic technical training on lighting to still life portraiture on a professional level. The dates and times of the meetings are flexible and agreed upon with the tutor according to the availability of facilities. The tutoring service can be individual or, in some cases, for up to four people. To request a course, please write to us specifying your starting level, the objectives you want to achieve, and any topics of interest or knowledge you wish to acquire.

We offer photography services in our studio or on location, taking advantage of our professional staff to address different needs and requirements. We create images for advertising catalogs and editorials, still life, food, portraits, books, and the reporting of events and ceremonies.

OFRoma has a multi-purpose area covering 600 square meters on two floors. Upstairs is the exhibition hall, bookstore, and offices. Downstairs are classrooms, a shooting room, a dark room, a computer lab, and a small dressing room. These spaces can be enjoyed as locations for photo shoots, casting, events, presentations, exhibitions, press conferences, training rooms, and film and TV commercial productions. Details on the features and amenities of each space are on our <location page.>

On request, we can offer support in staging, including frame installation and rental as well as event communications.

<Download the plan of the exhibition hall>

<Download the plan of classrooms>

To get a quote, no obligation, or an appointment to visit the space, contact us via email or phone number 06 97274721.


*All texts  were devised, created and translated with the collaboration of Brita Olmstead.

Category: Education
Interpretive Documentary Photography with Matt Black

Workshop with Matt Black

When: from 14th to 18th  June 2023

Where: Officine Fotografiche Roma - via Libetta, 1

Participation fee: 1500€

Early Bird Promo: 1200€ for registrations by April, 21st 2023 


Join photographer Matt Black for a five-day, intensive workshop designed to sharpen your relationship to photography and the world.  Matt will guide you to think critically about your work and consider your vision, your voice, and its purpose.