b.strO’F is the bookstore and café at Officine Fotografiche’s headquarters. The bookstore, which specializes in photo books, is an opportunity to read and relax with one of our many photography magazines available, or to browse through new Italian and foreign publishing proposals that, in turn, enrich the collection. b.strO’F is a place to meet friends, have a drink, buy one of the many photo books (some of which are impossible to find elsewhere), or to simply access our free Wi-Fi hotspot. Supplied by the most important Italian and foreign publishers, the bookstore pays special attention to the new realities of self-published projects.

Special events, such as book presentations and photographer meetings, accompanied by nice glass of wine, which are selected each month to discover new Italian wineries, make b.strO’F the ideal place to meet.
But there’s not only books!
b.strO’F sells gadgets, film, and other materials for analog photography or the darkroom.
The Free Press:

  • 001 Fanzine
  • Exibart on paper
  • Gino Magazine
  • The T.R.I.P. Magazine
  • Zero, Rome

The Magazines:

  • 6mois, Francia
  • Foam, Olanda
  • Gente di Fotografia, Italia
  • Gup Magazine, Olanda
  • Il Reportage, Italia
  • Aperture, USA
  • BJP, UK
  • RVM – Rearviewmirrow, Italia
  • Eyesopen!, Italia

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Streamers - final exhibition

Exhibition opening on friday April 21th at 6 p.m. at Officine Fotografiche Roma via Giuseppe Libetta, 1 - free entry. Yhe exhibitions is curated by Irene Alison.