immagine per workshop bianco e nero


con Kent Kobersteen e Tomasz Tomaszewski
9-10-11 settembre
Quando: Venerdì 9, sabato 10 e domenica 11 settembre
Orario:  dalle 10 alle 17
Costo: 500 euro 
Durata: 24 ore
Partecipanti: massimo 16 partecipanti
This workshop is for enthusiasts and advanced photographers who want to take their documentary or personal work to the next level through the guidance of National Geographic photographer Tomasz Tomaszewski, and former National Geographic picture editor and director of photography Kent Kobersteen.
The workshop will stress finding and researching story subjects, photographing people in an intimate fashion, making photographs that communicate emotionally as well as editorially, editing a body of work, and using aesthetics in a sophisticated manner.
Kent and Tomasz will speak about the importance of developing personal photographic projects close to your home, and show examples of their work in this area.
They will also openly share the techniques and approaches photographers use in the field to create work for National Geographic Magazine and other major international publications, both print and electronic.
Students’ work will be used as examples to make points on editing photographs.  Kent and Tomasz will also discuss business aspects of photography, such as creating a strong portfolio, approaching editors and getting assignments, photographing personal projects, finding the right agency, developing a lasting relationship with a publication, and photography in the electronic media.
With his extensive experience in producing and printing exhibits, Tomasz will give pointers that will enable students to make exhibit prints of the highest quality.
Each student will have the opportunity to meet individually with Tomasz and Kent to discuss their work, their portfolio, and their goals for future projects.
Each student must bring a portfolio of at least ten, but not more than twenty pictures, prepared for digital projection.  Each student’s work will be projected, and discussed by Kent, Tomasz, and the entire student group. It is important that students bring work that is representative of what they shoot, and not necessarily their greatest photographs.  Often the comments from seeing less than ideal photographs are very valuable for the student’s growth.
In addition to spending time in discussion of students’ work, students will spend two days shooting photographs in Rome, and the final day editing and critiquing their photographs from the Rome shoot.
Tomaszewski and Kobersteen have collaborated as photographer and director of photography on many National Geographic stories, and will use this professional relationship to give the students a varied and realistic  perspective on the business of documentary photography and on their individual photographic work.
Students MUST be prepared for long hours of discussion, critiquing, photographing and interacting with one another and with the instructors.  This is not a Photoshop or technical workshop, but rather will address both practical and philosophical aspects of documentary photography.  Although this workshop is not exclusively for professional photographers, students should be experienced, and of a professional level to get the most benefit from the discussions.
Kent and Tomasz certainly welcome new students, as well as students from previous workshops.  For those who have taken workshops from Kent and Tomasz previously, the instructors guarantee new challenges and the renewing of friendships.
Tomaszewski and Kobersteen will speak in English.


Tomasz Tomaszewski has a Ph.D. from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in Media Art, and is a member of the Union of Polish Art Photographers, the Visum Archiv Agency of Hamburg, Germany, the National Geographic Creative Agency of Washington D.C., and the American Society of Media Photographers. He specializes in journalistic photography and has had his photos published in major newspapers and magazines worldwide including Stern, Paris Match, Geo, New York Times, Time, US News & World Report, Sunday Times, Fortune, Vogue, Elle, Zeit Magazin, Die Zeit, Focus, Die Weltwoche, Nieuwe Revu, La Croix, La Vie, Famiglia Cristiana, and Capital. He has also authored a number of books, including Remnants: The Last Jews of Poland; Gypsies: The Last Ones; In Search of America; In The Centre; Astonishing Spain; A Stone’s Throw; Overwhelmed By The Atmosphere Of Kindness and has co-illustrated over a dozen collective works. He has held numerous individual exhibitions in the USA, Canada, Israel, Japan, Madagascar, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Indonesia and Poland. Tomasz is the recipient of many Polish and international awards for photography. For over twenty years he has been a regular contributor to National Geographic Magazine in which 18 of his photo essays have been published. Tomasz has taught photography in Poland, the USA, Germany and Italy.
Kent Kobersteen is a former newspaper photographer, editor and Director of Photography at National Geographic magazine.  He currently conducts photographic workshops and lectures internationally on the philosophy, ethics and business of photojournalism.  Kobersteen was Director of Photography and Senior Editor at National Geographic magazine from February 1998 until January 2005.  He joined the National Geographic in 1983 as a picture editor.
As Director of Photography at National Geographic his responsibilities involved building the magazine’s cadre of staff and freelance photographers, assigning photography for the magazine, supervising the photographers administratively, as well as participating in the editorial management of the photographic coverages for the Magazine.
Before joining the National Geographic, Kobersteen spent eighteen years at the Minneapolis (Minnesota) Tribune — sixteen years as a staff photographer and two years as the editor of the Tribune’s Sunday magazine.
While at the Minneapolis Tribune, Kobersteen won numerous awards for his photography.  A series on the drought in Africa’s Sahel, another on Cuba under Castro, a third on the major oil producing nations, and a fourth series on global poverty each received recognition from groups such as the Overseas Press Club and the National Press Photographers Association.  Work from domestic assignments also received recognition from professional groups
Kobersteen has lectured and participated in workshops and seminars on photography, journalism ethics, editing and newspaper production throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.  He was a co-director of photography workshops in Bulgaria and Hungary, and of an editing and production workshop in Bulgaria.
His photographs are available through National Geographic Creative at