Corso Storytelling

Beginning of classes: thursday March 7, 2024
Hours: 20 hours – 7 two-hour lessons and 3 group walks (in the weekends)
Attendance: thursdays 6pm-8-pm

Max enrollments: 12
Cost: 390€ (payable in installments) + 30 € for 2024 membership


Inizio lezioni: dal 7 marzo 2024
Ore: 20 ore – 7 lezioni in classe di due ore e 3 esercitazioni (nel weekend)
Frequenza: giovedì 18-20

Durata: 2 mesi, lezioni di due ore, una volta a settimana
Numero massimo di partecipanti: 12
Costo: 390€ (rateizzabili) + 30 € costo tessera associativa

The seven weeks course will guide you to develop a small project and to edit a series of photographs which express your personal vision.
You will have the opportunity to be inspired by looking at photo essays by internationally famous photographers which we will analyze in class.
You will learn the different styles and approaches used and be able to try experiment with them in your personal project and during the weekly group walks
Working together and sharing ideas will help you to overcome the fear of taking photos of people in the street and it will expand your idea of what you can do with a camera
At the end of the workshop you will have a picture story of 15 images

Each class consists of a part of Theory and one of Editing
On the first hour, we look at photo projects by internationally known photographers and we analyze and discuss the content and form as well as the originality of the images to understand what makes them compelling.
During the second hour the participants have the opportunity to share the photos which they have taken the week before. We will have a class discussion about how a topic was approached and what, if any, obstacles they encountered. Students will be encouraged to think in terms of sequencing of the pictures to create a photo story.

-During the week the participants will take photos for their personal project and they will bring them to class the following week for the class editing and discussion.
By the end of the course students will be able to:
Have a basic knowledge of the historical evolution of documentary photography and the main styles of photography as established at the American and European level through the 1900s, as well as to become familiar with the works of some of the major documentary photographers.
Produce original concepts by discussing and looking at things from a different perspective
Practice basic skills in the use of digital SLR cameras or even a phone to produce their own photo story.
Read and assess one’s own photographic project.
Achieve a certain level of education and expertise in creating a documentary project.

Week 1
Course presentation and introducing each other in class and openly discussing possible photography topics the students might be interested in.
Lecture slide show: Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange’s photography of the Great Depression in the U.S..
We analyze and discuss the photographs technically and conceptually.
Practice: each student opens randomly a dictionary and points with a finger on the page without looking.
They will take photos freely and not literally inspired by that word. We walk around the Ostiense/Portuense neighborhood to take the photos.
The purpose of this assignment is to free the mind and focus on the impression, emotion triggered by a word

Week 2
Lecture & slide show: H.C. Bresson ‘America in passing’ and Robert Frank ‘The Americans”.
We discuss and analyze each photographer’s work.
Review & Editing of each student’s photos from personal project and from the previous week group assignment

Week 3
Lecture & slide show: ‘Valencia’ by R.Frank, E.Smith ‘The Pittsburgh project’
Review & Editing of each student’s photos from the previous week personal project
We go to Campo de’ Fiori market in the morning. The assignment consists of taking photos of the market and its people focusing on a personal vision of the place instead of a descriptive recording of it.

Week 4
Lecture and slide show: Lisette Model & Helen Levitt
Review & Editing of each student’s assignment and personal project photos

Week 5
Lecture & slide show:, W.Eggleston ‘Rural South’
Review & Editing of each student’s personal project photos
Practice: We take a bus to a neighborhood that is unfamiliar to the students so that they get a chance to look at things in a different way.
What do they see? How do they feel and relate to the new neighborhood? What do they choose to photograph?
The purpose of this assignment is to feel free to experiment and discover new ways of seeing.
Review & Editing of each student’s personal project photos

Week 6
Lecture & slide show: Joseph Koudelka & Marketa Luskakova
Review & Editing of each student’s assignment and personal project photos

Week 7
Lecture & slide show: Bruce Davidson & Jim Goldberg
Final Editing & Slideshow of each student’s personal project (15 photos) and final thoughts about each essay.



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